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Q/Silva- Prepared meeting Part 1
  He just wanted to die.
  That was the one wish he had, to be rid of those thoughts forever. Weeks had passed since it had started, since they had first met. That man was the thing that caused him so much pain.
  The sky had been covered by grey sheets that day, hanging heavy to the point of some water-droplets seeping through. Q had been walking toward his first rendezvous point, when someone bumped into him slightly. The stranger muttered out an “Excuse me” that sounded innocent, but on closer dissection, had a triumphant tone lacing it. Though Q did not notice and kept briskly walking along to his destination.
  Later on that night, Q arrived at the front door to his flat to find something amiss. The front door was slightly ajar. ‘Shit…’ Q thought as he gritted his teeth and slowly pushed open the door. He carefully moved around checking that everything was still in place. ‘No sign of the intruder so far. Everything is still
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OC- Legend of Zelda: Princess Ophelia by EmmyAltava1 OC- Legend of Zelda: Princess Ophelia :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 1 0 Cal Chibi-2 by EmmyAltava1 Cal Chibi-2 :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 1 0 Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney -OBJECTION by EmmyAltava1 Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney -OBJECTION :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 1,041 168 HetaliaXProfessor Layton Crossover by EmmyAltava1 HetaliaXProfessor Layton Crossover :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 6 1 Sinister Sister by EmmyAltava1 Sinister Sister :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 3 0 The Nokken: Human form by EmmyAltava1 The Nokken: Human form :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 1 0
PrussiaXReader- In Death and Life
  I held her hand firmly as she was slowly taking her breaths, like every one hurt her. Her brown hair was splayed across the crisp white pillow and her forest-green eyes getting duller by the second.
"G-Gilbert…" she said in a low raspy voice.
"Please Mein Libeling, don't talk if it hurts you," I replied, trying to keep the water from flowing down my face.
"No I… need to t-tell you… I love y… ou," she finally was able to say. She had never said that before. After that I couldn't stop the tears, they just kept descending.
"I-I love you too Eliza…" I replied back to her as she slowly slipped out of existence, forever out of my life. I bowed my head and wept, not noticing the nurse come in until she asked me to come with her. I slowly looked up and saw something I hadn't seen since I was little. Pity.  It filled her eyes and face to the brim. I reluctantly let go of her hand and stood up following her out of the small hospital room. The place
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Every day together,
Our life seemed forever,
But good times have to end,
With this unwelcoming send.
You said you had to stay,
And I replied I wouldn't stray,
But now I am looking through the glass,
After all this time past,
And I feel something amiss,
Like the ghost of your kiss.
Now I miss you so,
But I still have to go,
Marching on and on,
My worries never gone,
So I hope life has treated you well,
Because all my brethren around me, have fell.
:iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 3 0
Layton Motivational Poster by EmmyAltava1 Layton Motivational Poster :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 67 6 Cal Chibi by EmmyAltava1 Cal Chibi :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 2 0 Freedom- 2 by EmmyAltava1 Freedom- 2 :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 1 0 Trapped- 1 by EmmyAltava1 Trapped- 1 :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 5 0 Sunset by EmmyAltava1 Sunset :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 2 0 Descole- Finished by EmmyAltava1 Descole- Finished :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 5 0 Descole Outlined- WIP by EmmyAltava1 Descole Outlined- WIP :iconemmyaltava1:EmmyAltava1 1 0


Behold Mora by Ravietta Behold Mora :iconravietta:Ravietta 7,463 387 Tower of Saint-Mystere in Minecraft by Don-Paolo2 Tower of Saint-Mystere in Minecraft :icondon-paolo2:Don-Paolo2 9 11 Village-Reinold's Mansion-Crumm's-Camerico's ship by Don-Paolo2 Village-Reinold's Mansion-Crumm's-Camerico's ship :icondon-paolo2:Don-Paolo2 7 2 Captain America by Xiling Captain America :iconxiling:Xiling 2,498 109 Merida - black dress by Zoisite-Virupaksha Merida - black dress :iconzoisite-virupaksha:Zoisite-Virupaksha 2,801 366 8-Bit Steven Universe MockUp by staticwind 8-Bit Steven Universe MockUp :iconstaticwind:staticwind 561 20 Witch by AngeniaC Witch :iconangeniac:AngeniaC 3,717 216 Silent Warrior Costume design by Sadyna Silent Warrior Costume design :iconsadyna:Sadyna 1,641 55 Voodoo girl by RyhMozillaFirefox Voodoo girl :iconryhmozillafirefox:RyhMozillaFirefox 22 0 Melon-references by SMG-works Melon-references :iconsmg-works:SMG-works 11 2 For CourtJesterMieko by SMG-works For CourtJesterMieko :iconsmg-works:SMG-works 6 4 Cherry-references by SMG-works Cherry-references :iconsmg-works:SMG-works 11 1


So recently there has been the news of the new Professor Layton game and I am very surprised that a certain theory hasn't popped up yet. The theory of Simon Foster being Descole. I believe this completely because the Butler/Servant that has been with Descole the past few games, is with Simon in this game.

 Now, some people might say that Descole could be using him to spy on the people conducting the investigation, but that is incorrect. Reason being, the way Simon stands is EXACTLY the same as the way Descole stands, and they have the same shoes, similar suit, and same smile. My last reason for having this theory is because in Last Specter/Specter's Call, Layton says he recognizes Descole from somewher, and in the newest upcoming game, Layton already appears to know Simon from somewhere before. So this is my theory on Descole's true identity, hope to see some other people post some other ideas soon!
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I love Anime and Manga and of course, the Professor Layton series. I speak English, Japanese, and am learning German and Dutch for foreign exchange.

I live in America and enjoy drawing in my free time. I also have a huge interest in Central American, Middle Eastern, and Asian Archaeology.


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